Music to Write to

If you’re like me and love some emotional music to write to, I’ve got a playlist just for you. Recently the transition from summer to fall has been so prevalent, especially on my morning outings with my puppy. Out here, in the Pacific Northwest, the sun is still out (magically). It’s not raining yet, but there are moments of haze some days and moments of crisp air and bright sun other days. You can feel the change coming, it’s not quite there yet, but it’s ready. This period of time brings me to examine the transitions within me. A few things have been on my mind…

  • How different am I now from last fall?
  • What changed me this summer?
  • How did these changes get me to where I am now?
  • What can I do now, to use what I’ve learned, and move into this new season in life?

Answer these questions for yourself (just as I am trying to answer them) as we slowly drift into Autumn. Find what you can to guide you through this change, and while you do that listen to my playlist! I hope it’ll bring you inspiration, clarity and deep reflection.

Happy Writing.